The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) region covers North, Central and South America.

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Central Dredging Association

The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) region covers Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

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Eastern Dredging Association

The Eastern Dredging Association (EADA) serves Asia, Austrailia and the Pacific region.

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The World Organization of Dredging Associations (WODA) is an independent, non-profit, professional organization. It is composed of three separate, autonomous sister dredging associations, with separate corporate structures:

  • WEDA - Western Dredging Association serving North, South and Central America
  • CEDA - Central Dredging Association serving Europe, Africa and the Middle-East
  • EADA - Eastern Dredging Association serving the Asia, Australia and the Pacific region

WODA has no individual members.

The three sister associations convene the triennial World Dredging Congress & Exposition (WODCON), hosted in turn by each region.

The interest of the three sister associations (EADA, CEDA and WEDA) includes all aspects of dredging and the environment, and encompasses a whole range of disciplines and activities. CEDA, EADA and WEDA do not represent the views of any single dredging entity.

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