Each member association has its own secretariat, which is responsible for all day to day affairs of the association. The Secretariat of WODA is the secretariat of the member association, which organises the forthcoming World Dredging Congress. Currently this is the CEDA Secretariat.

WODA/CEDA Secretariat:
Dr. Ir. A. Csiti, General Manager
Radex Building,Rotterdamseweg 183c
2629 HD Delft
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)15 268 2575
Fax: +31 (0)15 268 2576
E-mail: ceda@dredging .org
Web: http://www.ceda@dredging .org

WEDA Executive Offices
Mr. Thomas P. Cappellino, Executive Director
Post Office Box 1393
Bonsall, CA 92003
Telephone: +1 (949) 422-8231
E-mail: tcappellino@westerndredging.org
Web: http://www.westerndredging.org/

EADA Secretariat
Capt. K.Subramaniam, Secretary General
c/o Port Klang Authority
Mail Bag Service 202
42009 Port Klang. Malaysia
Fax: 603-31670211
E-mail: subra@pka.gov.my
Web: http://www.eada.asia/index.php