WODA is responsible for the organisation of the World Dredging Congress & Expositions (WODCON's) which are held every three years and delegates this responsibility to the association in whose region the forthcoming congress will take place.

The next meeting, WODCON XXIII will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from Shanghai, China from 16-20 May 2022 and hosted by the Central Dredging Association (CEDA). Click here to visit conference website.

Since the formation of the current WODA in 1978, the following Congresses have been held:

The previous WODCON's were held:

  • 1976 San Francisco WODCON VII
  • 1974 Taipei WODCON VI
  • 1973 Hamburg WODCON V
  • 1971 New Orleans WODCON IV
  • 1970 Singapore WODCON III
  • 1968 Rotterdam WODCON II
  • 1967 New York City WODCON I